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Wills and Probate

"Mr. Green did everything possible to meet some very critical needs. He is compassionate and extremely responsive. His suggestions and guidance are on point. Fees are very reasonable. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so."

Real Estate

"I needed to a quit claim deed for our condo. I googled Lawyers in Boone . Jonathan was a pleasure to work with! I didn’t have to go to Boone from Birmingham, we handled it all via email! Anytime I had a question, he would promptly return my calls or answer my emails. He was friendly and very personable. His task was small compared to the rest of his work I am sure but he acted like it was the most important thing he had to do! Everything went smoothly. I highly recommend him!"

Real Estate

"Mr. Jonathan Green handled our dispute with a high level of professionalism. His expertise and communication skills helped us get through our easement situation. My Brother and I recommend him highly."

Posted by Daniel

"I'm not in the habit of endorsing lawyers, however Mr. Green is the most ethical, client focused, outcome oriented individuals I have ever met. He gave good sound advise an directions and made sure that we understood our options, which assisted us in making good decisions in dealing with Medicaid issues. The quality of service was the highest level of competency, and responsive to our needs. I would overwhelmingly recommend his services, especially if you want things done right!"

Posted by Karl

"I have been the executor (personal representative) for an estate, and Jonathan handled the issues related to obtaining letters testamentary, probating the will, contacting the heirs and distributing assets. He advised me in regard to managing the property and assets until disbursement was made. I was very satisfied with how Jonathan handled all the details of the will. He was very thorough in reviewing the will and other documents. He gave me much confidence that all matters were handled properly and that the heirs were properly cared for."

Posted by Thad

"I've known Jonathan as both co-counsel and opposing counsel for almost four years. He's extremely knowledgeable in the probate, estate planning, and elder law practice areas. Jonathan is also diligent and prompt with the matters that he handles. I recommend him highly."

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